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Pé de Coco - Manifesto do Pensar

27 de fev de 2014
Igor Sayzhem

A Verdade 
Firmando a Caminhada
Drop Time
Manifesto do Pensar
Nessa Vida
Viver Mais
Linha Tanea

Radiola Jamaicana

17 de fev de 2014
Igor Sayzhem

African Girl - Courtney Melody
Ancient days Killing - Bounty Killer
Country Living - The Jamaican Eagles
Gun Page - Michael Rose
Libertad - Tribal Seeds
Love Love Love - Erick Donaldson
Love Psalm - Tribal Seeds
Make We Rock So - Ras Midas
Peace Inna The World - Ras Shaggai
Pless Love you - Erick Donaldson
Prisoner - Lucky Dube
Tarrus Riley - Living The Life Of a Gun
Rasta Yard - Michael Rose
Reggae Strong - Lucky Dube
Rider - Tribal Seeds
Sons Of Garvey - Joe Higgs
Stop That Train - Peter Tosh
Youth Rebellion - Traibal Seeds
Woman - Lucky Dube
Stop That Train - Peter Tosh

Midnite - Treasure (2010)

4 de fev de 2014
Igor Sayzhem

Negus is Peace
Yield Turn Out
Rastafari Now
Know The Ropes
Gather Them In
Humble Man
How To Answa
Scientist Black
Youth Ope Ya
Got Heat
Wise Mind

Bob Marley 35 Anos

Igor Sayzhem

Edição Especial Do Jamaica Download
35 Faixas Para você Curtir Toda a Good Vibe
Do Rei Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley)

Concrete Jungle
Stir It Up
Stop That Train
Baby We've Got A Date
All Day All Night
Kinky Reggae
Chant Down Babylon
Stiff Necked Fools
Natural Mystic
One Love
So Much things To Say
he Heathen
Three Little Birds
Waiting In Vain
Could You Be Loved
Get Up Stand Up
I Shot The Sheriff
Redemption Song
Satisfy My Soul
Night Shift
Roots Rock Reggae
Crazy Baldheads
Cry To Me
Bad Card
Coming In From The Cold
Forever Loving Jah
Pimpers Paradise
Real Situation
Zion Train
kaya (Bonus)
Try me (Bonus)

The Midas Touch
Hawks On The Street
Save A Thought
Jah See Jah Know
Envy Us
Look Before You Leap

Modern Girl
Just My Type of Girl
She Turn Me On
African Girl
Turn Them Back
Bad Boy Business
Sing It Off
Down in the Dance Hall
How Long
Modern Connection

Love Shines Brighter
This Train
Dog Ago Nyam Dog
Tell Me Where You Get It
More Vacancy
Iron Sharpen Iron
Garvey Rock
Innocent Blood
Behold the Land